The COVID-19 pandemic will change our society forever. You can make sure it changes for the better.

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Career in Social Impact Right Now

1. Challenges we are going to face as society

It’s not new information that Britain has huge inequalities. But if anyone was managing to avoid that fact, the COVID-19 pandemic has probably, and rightfully, made it less avoidable.

Just to run down a quick summary list, after all, there’s so much that’s so bad about this situation, that it’s hard to keep on top of it all:

2. The social impact sector lacks diversity and is losing out because of it.

The work to tackle social injustice was happening before the pandemic, it’s happening now and it has to continue after, with more ambition and fire than ever.

But one of the challenges that the social impact sector (that’s the term used to describe all organisations working to address social injustice and issues, including charities, social enterprises, grass roots associations and more) has faced for a long time is that the people working in the sector don’t always mirror the communities they support. For example, just 3% of charity leaders are Black, Asian or minority ethnic and it’s long been recognised that the sector is very middle class.

This matters especially right now because to tackle the kind of inequalities that have been worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic we need talented people with the right solutions and often, the people with the best solutions to a problem are those who have lived it.

This means now is the time for us to bring in a new generation of young people with direct personal experience of social injustice, to help lead and deliver these solutions.

3. The next few years have potential for huge social change. It’s going to be an exciting and important time to work in the sector.

Things can’t stay the same, that’s for sure. No one knows exactly what the social impact sector will look like when the crisis slows down, but we do all know there’s going to be a lot of work to do. If you’ve lived through injustice and inequality of any kind, then that experience can be a hugely powerful resource. The sector needs you.

If you are a young adult looking to start your career then now more than ever this is the moment to consider a career in social impact, especially if you have lived experience of social issues and injustices.