Ready for change?

Room for Change aims to offer really practical ways for charities and other social impact organisations to act on their commitment to opening up their workplaces to new and different talent. There is now an undeniable case for addressing a lack of diversity in any sector since research shows it can make organisations more creative, resilient and effective. In the case of the social impact sector, there are particular benefits to the workforce representing the population it serves, including having greater empathy and connection to communities and a better understanding of the particular challenges a community may face. But we aren’t there yet- our sector is still overwhelmingly white and middle class and we know most leaders want that to change. 

However, individual organisations can’t make all the changes on their own. Wider inequalities in the early career job market affect the social impact sector like they do any other. And many charities and organisations working in social impact often struggle with tight and uncertain resourcing which can make investment in long term, wide-scale organisational change initiatives hard.  We want to help.

How are we working with organisations?

Organisations who join the pilot will be able to:

  • Signpost on applications to internships and entry-level roles in their organisation that they are part of Room for Change so that applicants who meet the Room for Change criteria can access the free application and interview coaching from Room for Change experts 

  • Refer employees and volunteers aged 20-25 who meet the Room for Change criteria for free lived experience leadership training (a one day course in central London) 

  • Refer employees and volunteers aged 20-25 who meet the Room for Change criteria for free career development mentoring

  • Promote their internships and entry-level roles to Room for Change members from underrepresented groups


Organisations who want to further their commitment can explore becoming a Room for Change Pioneer and offer a placement to a Room for Change member. 

Which organisations can join the pilot?

Charities and other not for profit organisations e.g. community interest companies with a publicly stated social mission that are based in England can join the pilot.

Enquire about joining the pilot