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Through the Room for Change mentoring scheme, we match young people and graduates who want to work in charities and the wider social impact sector with experienced professionals from this field. The mentoring relationship is a way for mentees to get some support with meeting their early career goals - from looking and applying for roles, to making the most of an internship to settling into a new role- as well as general tips and guidance about working in the sector from someone who has first-hand experience. It’s also a way for mentors to start building their network early on in their careers. 

For mentors, because the scheme’s mentee members are all from groups which are underrepresented in the social impact sector, the relationship offers a chance to put to good use your career experience in a way that benefits the sector as a whole by helping promote diversity.

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Who will I mentor?

All Room for Change mentees are young people aged 20-25 who are from social groups that are underrepresented in charities and the social impact sector. This includes working-class young people, Black, Asian and minority ethnic young people and young people who have had certain life experiences such as being in care or having experience of the justice system. Mentees have their own induction to the mentoring process to make sure they understand the commitment and are ready to take part.

If you become a mentor, you’ll create a mentor profile and when we get a mentee applicant who we think could match you, your profile will be shared with them. If they select you, you’ll be able to connect with each other through the Room for Change platform and arrange a first chat to see if you get along.

Matching is based on a mix of factors including identity - some mentees will be looking for someone who shares aspects of their identity such as being working class or BAME, the extent of experience- some mentees will find it most helpful to speak to someone earlier on in their career to help with their specific goals while others will look for a mentor who is much more experienced; type of experience- some mentees will want a mentor who works in their specific type of area within social impact, for example in policy, or service delivery or design.  These are all the types of things you’ll, therefore, cover in your mentor profile. 

Do I get training as a mentor?

If you apply to become a mentor you’ll be invited to a mentor induction session which also forms part of the mentor recruitment and assessment process. This takes place in central London on a weekday evening. Even if you are an experienced mentor already, you still need to attend as we talk about the specific mentees we work with and introduce you to our approach. The induction is fun and friendly and is also a chance for you to meet other mentors and build your own network in the sector.

Once you successfully pass the induction you’ll create a mentor profile which will be shared with relevant potential mentees when they apply for mentorship. 

Mentors are invited to mentor development and networking sessions throughout your time volunteering. 

It is important to note that we cannot guarantee we will find you a mentee within any specific time frame. Though we try to match people quickly and regularly, it does depend on who comes along. We are sure the mentoring induction and networking will be otherwise valuable to you and that if you have to wait longer than you’d like for a match, or if we don't find that a match, our aim is that you will still be glad you have taken part in the scheme. 


Do I get support during the mentoring?

You will have a Room for Change Expert Mentor to contact throughout your volunteering. They will be on hand to answer any questions you have and give you tips and guidance on making the mentoring relationship as effective as possible for you and your mentee. 

How long will I work with a mentee?

Mentors and mentees work together for between three to six months, talking around every three to four weeks. You meet face to face or on skype. 

Who can be a mentor?

In mentors we are looking for individuals with at least 24 months experience in the social impact sector, and that experience can come from any stage in your career. This includes charities, social enterprises and any other organisation with a clear social purpose. We are looking for individuals who:


  • Are able to commit to the mentoring process reliably so that you and your mentee really get a chance to know each other and make progress together

  • Are friendly and good at building relationships

  • Believe in the potential in people and like to build others up 

  • Are willing to share your experience- whatever your background and identity, if you are willing to be open about your career, and yourself, then that’s a great quality for a mentor 

Are mentors checked?

To help the programme work well and safely for everyone we do some checks on mentors by getting a referee and checking your current or most recent employment. We only make these checks once you’ve done the training and have given us permission to.

When is the next training?

The next training is in early summer 2020 and applications are open until 29 May 2020

How do I apply?

It’s great that you are thinking of joining us. The application form will take around 10-15 minutes and once we receive that we’ll send you details of the training.


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