Membership Form Questions

Basic information about you:

First name

Last name


Phone number


Date of birth

Age- 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25


Why you want to join:


Room for Change membership is about helping more and different people come and build careers in the social impact sector. Please tell us about why you want to work in this sector and any lived experience that has made you committed to social change. 


Please tell us a bit about the kinds of issues you are passionate about and would like to work on within the social impact sector. 


If you know what kind of work you might like to do in the social impact sector please tick all those that apply- it’s ok if you have no idea yet, but if you have some idea it’s useful to help us send you the most relevant information and opportunities.


  • Campaigning

  • Fundraising

  • Research and evaluation

  • Policy

  • Service or product design

  • Graphic design

  • Business development

  • Participation and involvement

  • Project and programme management

  • Front line work with people and communities 

  • Finance

  • Business management 

  • Other

  • I really don't know yet

About you:

Room for Change has a special commitment to opening up the social impact sector to those who are currently underrepresented. It would be really useful to know if any of the following are true for you because they are all groups that are underrepresented in the social impact sector at the moment. Knowing this information means we can let you know about extra resources that could be free for you to access such as mentoring, opportunities, career support.


If you don’t want to share this information at the moment though, you can always update your membership information later.


  • I have experience of being in care 

  • I have experience of living in social housing (council or housing association housing) 

  • I identify as working class 

  • I have had personal experience with the justice system 

  • I identify as Black, Asian or another minority ethnicity

  • I am the first in my family to attend university

  • I received a Student Maintenance Loan, in addition to a Tuition Fees Loan

  • I received additional financial support to attend university on top of my Student Maintenance Loan, such as additional Maintenance Loan, a charitable grant or funding from my university’s Hardship Fund

  • None of the above

  • Prefer not to say



Room for Change offers accommodation support through a network of volunteer hosts who offer their spare room for free in London to Room for Change members for stays from a night to up to a month and periods in between. If you would like this support you’ll need to show you have an opportunity such as an interview, work experience, or job confirmed in London and also confirm you need the accommodation support i.e. that the accommodation support will make a difference for you. Please remember that this support depends on one of our volunteer hosts being able to meet your needs so we can’t guarantee we can provide it though we try our hardest to meet every request we get.


If you’d like this support, you can apply for it now if you have an opportunity already confirmed or you can let us know you may like it in future. If you apply for support now, we’ll be in touch to follow up with you within 2 days to see if we can help.


  • I’d like to apply for accommodation now as I have an opportunity confirmed in London

  • I don’t need the support now but may want to apply in future

  • No, I won’t need this now or in the future


Which of these best describes you?

  • I didn’t go to university 

  • I’m in my final year of studying

  • I graduated in the last 12 months

  • I graduated more than a year ago


If you did go to university:


  • What university did/do you study at?

  • What did/do you study? Please give the full name of the qualification

  • What will be/was your year of graduation