Host Application Questions

Basic information about you:


  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email

  • Phone number

  • Address and Postcode

  • Best way to contact you


About your home and spare room


How many people in total in your home?


  • Just me!

  • Me and one other

  • Me and two others

  • Me and three others

  • Other


Do you have any children in your home?


  • No

  • Yes- aged under 18

  • Yes- aged under 16

  • Yes- aged under 12


Is everybody who lives in your home aware you are making this application and happy to support hosting?


  • Yes

  • Not yet


If applicable, please tell us about any pets you have in your home. 


Can you offer a private room with a closing door that the guest can have sole use of during their stay?


  • Yes

  • No


Please tell us about the space you can offer:


Are you able to offer free accommodation to a Room for Change member (please tick all that apply)


  • For one night stays

  • For one to five nights

  • For up to two weeks

  • For up to a month


Please tell us a bit about why you are applying to be a host with Room for Change so we can start to get to know you.



Please give us the details for a referee. They need to be someone who knows you well, ideally in a professional setting, and not a relative. We will only contact them after you have completed any training and been formally registered as a volunteer.


Referee name, email, phone number, relationship to you