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About RfC

Room for Change is a social impact organisation which seeks to build and sustain participatory cultures and practices across the social sector.

We believe that participatory cultures and practices:

Actively enable the involvement of diverse people in all aspects of organisational life and decision-making

Foster constructive collaboration between those with lived experience and those with practice based, and other forms of professional experience

Dismantle inequalities in organisations to ensure alignment between the social missions of organisations and their actual practices

Deliver the most transformative social justice outcomes for the communities served by social sector organisations

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We use participatory research and design to: understand current challenges and create and test future solutions and to generate knowledge and tools to foster innovation in participation across the social sector.

The story so far

Room for Change was launched in 2019 with funding from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s Ideas and Pioneers Fund. Our founder, Laurie, initially sought funding to address inequalities in access to jobs in the capital for working class young people. The project expanded to research the wider impact of classism on social sector career access and Room for Change began to act as a hub for conversations and collaborations around participation in the social sector. 


We are hugely grateful to those who have already contributed their time, experiences and talents to our ongoing adventure, especially: Lucy Davidson and Taiwo Agboola, Lucie Russell, Lorraine Shanks, Zoe Large, as well as those who have participated in research and shared wisdom: Kylie, Ciaran, Jo H, Rachel, Tom, Hannah, Jo, Ciaran, Heather, Rachel, Jo, Jude, Andrew, Joseph, Sam, Riz, Beth, Emily, James, Beenish, Aman, Saffie, Yasmine, Lehai.